Anyone know how to spice up a long distance relationship


I’m in a long distance relationship, my girlfriend and I have been dating for 1 year and 8 months.

Recently we’ve been hitting ruts, we run out of things to talk about, there isn’t that level of passion we once had and it’s been strained.

She stays home to look after her seriously sick mother and this takes up all her time, because of this we barely have any time together. She tries to make time for me but it doesn’t work out because I feel guilty for taking time away from her mom who needs to be looked after

But when we do have time to spend together it’s so awkward and painfully silent, does anyone have any suggestions to spice up our relationship

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3 Answers

You have to try new things! Question games, watching shows together. I even had a friend who would have "skype dates" literal dates where they would eat lunch together or some type of meal.
Hey there, I know the frustrations of LDR's but I promise if you guys still really like each other, there's ways to keep things enjoyable for the both of you. I have a few things I wrote down for another couple a few weeks ago, once I get home I'll post up the list here and you can see if there's anything you think would be useful. Have you two met each other in person yet / have each others addresses for sending random things to each other? Keep strong.
It's really hard, but we truly do love each other. I couldn't even begin to imagine life without her. We haven't met in person yet, as she can't go far from her mom and I'm working a minimum wage job now, and starting school full time in September. I can't afford to travel right now. But we have sent each other things, and I do but her things, phone chargers, games she wants, anime. And I always get her things when I have money