Anyone interested in finding people in your area to talk to?


I’m starting to get lonely. I also feel trapped at the school I’m going to and I need a break from seeing the same people everyday. I was wondering if it would be possible/ safe if I made a group where you can talk to people who live in the same area as you? is this against guidelines or in anyway not allowed? I just want to meet people in person. I need new friends, badly.

asked December 7, 2014

3 Answers

Well the only risk is you have to tell people a general area of where you live. Not that risky if you ask me but that's your choice.
I agree with the above answers. Just be careful about who you're talking to and where you agree to meet this person. Good luck!
This would be an awesome idea! Not only would it give you the opportunity to reach out and build support systems within your area, but you may also have a lot more in common with a person this way. Of course, people should always be careful of the people that they meet and take precautions to protect themselves.For instance, I live in Montreal but I will not narrow down on which area of Montreal I would live in.