Anyone in an international relationship?


Hey guys my name is Tiffany and well i’ve been dating my boyfriend for nearly two years now and things are great. We definitely are opposites but we compliment each there. Like he always says “I complete him, he completes me.” I know cheesy…but i love him for it. I guess here’s the kicker…he lives in Ireland…I live in Ohio. Yes yes a total long distance relationship. We’ve met a couple of times but most of it has been over text and phone calls.
I guess what I’m really asking for is if there’s someone in a similar situation who i can relate with and share my feelings with? It’s hard to vent to my friends because they just don’t understand. So….anyone dating someone outside their country???? Or anyone in a long distance relationship??

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4 Answers

I once had a long distance relationship with someone who lived at the opposite end of the world. That was literally the furthest someone could live away from me. I know what it's like to be in a long distance relationship. If you ever want to talk about it, my inbox is always open.
I live in maine, and my boyfriend lives in england. If you ever want to talk message me :)
My boyfriend just got deployed, so for the next 9 months he'll be in Kuwait (with a possibility of transferring to Afghanistan), so I can kind of understand your situation. We've been dating for 2 years and it definitely is difficult not having him here.
Well I had a relationship with a person from a different country and culture, and it has been the most adventurous, fun, and crazy experience of my life. I know how it feels, but as it is said sometimes distance add extra sweetness to your relationship. Just be honest and stay positive and you will be on cloud 9 of relationships.