Anyone here ever experienced having a sugar daddy?


I’m wondering what other young females experiences have been like so comment if you’d like.

Category: asked April 25, 2015

1 Answer

Nope, i don't have a sugar daddy.. But i know my dad is a sugar daddy of some young girls. What i have is an experience of living with a father who's a sugar daddy of someone else. I've seen his phone and theres not only 1 girl but i think 3 or 4 of them asking him for money and other material things.. He even send one of them to a university yet he didn't even bothered buying me a single book or sending me to school when i was in college. He build a house for someone too, but he didn't even have our own home repaired. Our own family was a mess while he's happily nesting on someone elses, and blame us that we never care about him. Growing old, i wish the ladies who've he taken care of will take care of him instead when he's gonna be sick and dying and in a vegetative state.