anyone have any good tips on managing what you eat


i know this question doesnt sound so serious in comparison to the other questions around here but i really do have a problem with eating and since college its gotten all the worse.
i actually have gotten to such a bad point that i feel like i need to be eating always and ive tried a lot to chew gum or to drink a lot of water but im always wanting to eat
on top of this ive actually started grinding my teeth in my sleep and even while awake because of this and mixed in anxiety problems.
but dang man to want to be eating so much that i GRIND my TEETH? im just here to ask if any of you guys have any good tips or techniques that you guys might to do put down the snack and just keep on keepin on

Category: asked August 23, 2013

3 Answers

I've had anorexia for the past almost 4 years and have been in treatment since May. First, are you getting all the nutrients you need from the foods you do eat? When you're not feeding yourself well, your body responds with cravings for anything and everything. Also, eat slowly. Put your food or fork down between every bite and drink water continuously throughout a meal or snack to make sure you're recognizing your body's hunger cues correctly as it does take time for the body to recognize that it's full.
Make sure you're actually hungry before you eat. I recommend drinking a lot of water throughout the day, because water keeps you full and is very good for you. I had a similar problem as you, and I found that it was due to dehydration. Also, some of the most important advice I can give you is to set meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and plan what you'll eat so you don't overeat. That way, if you stick to the schedule you'll become used to it and won't have this problem anymore. If you want diet tips, join the group Diet & Exercise. I posted a helpful diet there. Link
Good luck!
Take away all kind of snacks around the house and only eat 3 times a day, wait for yourself to get hungry! and try eating porridge since it fills you right up