Any ways to approach him about it?


So I’m a guy(15) and I have another friend that is also a guy and who is older than me (18) he’s actually now an adult since he no longer is in high school with me which kinda crushes me but he still will be around. I have wanted to have sex with him since July of 2014 so a year ago and I have told him that I wanted to kiss him and he rejected it but he told me that I don’t want him. I really want to do this with him but I don’t know how to approach him about it. Any advice or opinions

asked July 18, 2015

1 Answer

Hey there Tyler, It's hard to deal with rejection, especially if it's not really clear how they feel about you. I think he's being a little unfair on not saying how he feels about it and trying to say what he thinks you want or don't want. He is deflecting. Try asking him about how he feels about you instead. Do you know his sexual orientation? It's possible he's not interested because of that, there is also the age issue and this might really scare him because he can get into trouble for it. You might need to wait a few years before he's comfortable with anything with you.