Any suggestions on how to open up to a doctor about my problems?


I’ve decided to finally get professional help but I don’t know where to start in opening up. I’ve always bottled up and grown up with being told never to tell anyone your problems. I don’t know how to break down that wall and it scares me once it’s broke down.This may sound a silly question but it would be much appreciated if anyone had any advice on how to begin to talk to a doctor about your problems or if anyone has any experience with opening up to a doctor. Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

Say what you want to say!
"Never lie to your doctor no matter how much embarrassing it is. It could save your life!"
Just be open and honest. Tell your doctor about your anxiety, moods, sleeping pattern. Request to have something to manage your symptoms. For example meds for when you have an anxiety attack or maybe even an antidepressant. You are the only one who can advocate for your own health.

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