Any REAL listeners?


This is the full conversation I just had with someone:

Your partner has disconnected.
YOU hello
YOU how are you?
LISTENER doing okay
YOU that’s good to hear
LISTENER you’re not and that’s why you’re here, right?
YOU (read)
YOU no
YOU I’m alright
YOU I just need some advice
YOU I knew something was pretty wrong with one of my friends
YOU and he ended up doing some stupid stuff
YOU instead of telling people
YOU I ran away
YOU now it’s been a month or so
YOU and everything is fine again
YOU but should I ever tell people that I kinda knew he was weird and shit?
LISTENER what did he do?
YOU just some stupid shit, like kids do ya know?
LISTENER if it’s just something kids do, why do you think u should tell people?
LISTENER it’s got to be somethng big
YOU I mean not all kids do but ya know
YOU anyway so let’s say even if it is something big
YOU (which is not)
YOU but even if it is (although it is not)
YOU should I tell people?
YOU hi?
LISTENER is it something illegal?
LISTENER dangerous?
LISTENER then yes
YOU even if its already over?
YOU even if he already got in a lot of trouble cause of it?
LISTENER what trouble?
LISTENER legal punishment?
YOU yeah
LISTENER wait. if he did, then people already know
YOU yeah
YOU but should I tell people that I knew?
YOU or should I just keep quiet?
LISTENER then why the hell are you asking if you should tell people, dumb ass?

Tags: asked May 27, 2013

20 Answers

That was a weird conversation but not all listners are like that. Most actually care about helping you.
It's sad, yes, but lately trolls and horny teenagers have been overruning the site. It's frustrating when you think someone is in need of help and end with "WITH YOUR MOM" or worse before disconecting. This site is a wonderful safehaven for those in need to hear or to talk. Maybe you should try different times to avoid those who come here to bother instead of help. And keep trying, there's many here that wanna help.
Huh. That's ... kind of weird to me. I mean, this listener sounded so cautious and knew what questions to ask and was doing a fair job until that thing at the end ... Then again, if it's any comfort, know that there are even professionals who say the wrong thing or lack empathy sometimes ... and anyone at all can be a listener on this site. Don't lose hope, though! Many listeners do a good job listening and helping, I think. One in particular actually listened to me even about venters disconnecting on my first time in the chat. If you look at the missed connections forum, you'll also hear about good listeners there too, if I recall correctly. Don't let one bad experience make you lose hope.
It's a shame people are like this, but the best thing to do is be the better person and just quit the conversation, if you need help, he or she is just having fun 'trolling' you and that is unneeded and rude.But don't worry, the majority of us care about your problems and are happy to help :) Don't let this troll get you thinking any different
Well, in my personal opinion, the Listener didn't do too bad until the very end. S/he clearly got frustrated with the Venter's lack of clarity in the situation. I mean, if you want someone's honest opinion/advice on something, you sort of have to disclose some information. I'm not saying that the Listener was completely correct (and definitely not correct in the end), but s/he can't know if you should tell people what your friend did, because if it was something that wasn't SUPER serious then there would be no need tell, but if it was then maybe you should have. I'm sorry, but I could see how the Listener wouldn't be able to answer the question. Regardless, they definitely should not have called you a dumb ass. And keep in mind, no every Listener will be the Listener for you, but don't lose faith, you're bound to have some good sessions on here.Good luck!
Well! I see this so called listener as a person being judgmental at the beginning then some one who is trying very hard to simply be an idiot!because if you read this again .... YOU hello LISTENER hi YOU how are you? LISTENER doing okay YOU that’s good to hear LISTENER you’re not and that’s why you’re here, right?" WELL THERE IS THE start with.Not all that come to so call "vent" actually vent as such ,but need advice just like what you came here for.So right at the beginning for me I had an issue with that listener.Let a lone the rest of what they had to say.I am sorry that your experience wasn't good and I am not going to sugar coat over the real truth here,but lets face it,most people that come here are not experienced and not professionals .So even though they want to help and most have good intentions,they don't ALL know how to listen properly.For most people it doesn't come naturally ,but can come with life experiences.I have been fortunate enough to have a little training because of the work I am involved in and would be happy to have been on the other end of my pc with you.Because people here are just regular people that doesn't call for such rudeness that you received .I am also sure that they to are reading this and getting either angry or joy from it all. All this doesn't mean that there isn't great listeners here.People that can be very helpful.I have just been here as a listener for a few months(and finally made an account 2 days ago) lol I am slow haha,but just a small few times came here to so call vent,as I also wanted advice .But Ive had half and half when It comes to good listeners and I have told a listener that they weren't listening to what I had to say and then I disconnected.I am not one to just be rude and disconnect,even though some might say why not if the listener is but...Not me though!Please dont be put off ok! as more often than not you will be happy with the listeners here.Good luck and hope you get the help you need next time you come here. :-)
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