Any K-pop fans on here?


just wondering, fangirling makes me keep my mind of things around me :) i know its not the best thing.. but i could you some happiness

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4 Answers

Yeah! Sometimes I get into a k-pop mood :) I'm not an expert, I only know some of the most popular boy bands: Shinee, Super Junior, Supernova, 2pm, Beast...

One of my favorite k-pop songs that always brings a smile to my face is "Baby Baby" by Big Bang:
yay! i like the same bands as you :)
Awesome! I also like Arashi (they're j-pop, not k-pop). For example, I like their song "Love so sweet"

what is one of your favorite k-pop songs?? It doesn't matter if I've already heard it or not, I'm curious :)
ohh~ i have so many~umm... right now my favourite is BLOCK B 'her'