Any fellow string players out there?


First off, hello to my fellow rosin dust breathers ;)

So I have a question for all of you…

I dusted off my viola after six years of letting her collect dust in my closet. She needs a bow and a new set of strings. The ones on her now are my old faithful Zyex, but hell I’ve been out of the game for a while. Anyone have any recommendations for brands of strings? Zyex was “top of the line” for students back when, but now I’m not so sure. Any input is appreciated!

asked April 2, 2014

5 Answers

I would say a good brand for violin strings are Dominant brand They're a bit easier on the fingers and they're the safe bet. Other brands that people swear by, are Red Label.I'm sorry I can't offer too much advice, I play guitar and piano, I never had the opportunity to be around violins.
omg! hello fellow violinist..-bows- finally...i dont know my string brand im getting new ones soon so ill let you know what i find!
All the best
The store I originally leased my instrument from (and then later purchased it once I stopped growing and stopped needing bigger sizes XD ) doesn't have the selection it used to. But they are willing to broker on my behalf, so to speak, and order things in special for me to come pick up. It benefits them too since they get to establish new connections in the orchestral world in terms of vendors and they can get a first hand account of the goods, too.

They sell one brand already, called Prelude, which will only run me about $30 for a set. I know that more money usually means better quality, but I'm rusty and I feel like these might be a good option for me to ease back into things. They also have a Glasser 15" horsehair bow that'll cost me $50 (my bank account is already screaming at me for this one lol)... I know Glasser is decent and durable and would be fine for my uses; my only concern is that it won't be long enough for me. I have no idea what size my original bow was - shame on me for forgetting. I plan on swinging by the shop with my instrument tomorrow to have her looked over anyway and I'll get a better feel for the bow then.

End rambling. I'm just stupidly giddy and excited about this. I'll need to hide my debit and credit cards from myself and take cash only for the bow and strings or I'll end up buying up all their sheet music while I'm there. Worth blowing my rent money for, but my landlord will unfortunately not see it that way ;)

Thanks for your input everyone! Keep me posted if you find/can think of anything else to help me out. You guys rock!!
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