Anxiety symptoms? Help please


I’m an eleven year old girl with anxiety and depression. I have suffered from it for over a year now.I have not told my parents yet or any other adult.

Recently I have been feeling dizzy a lot and not just from a panic attack just normally . Is this involved with anxiety?

I have also have been getting migraines . They are horrible . A slight noise and I want to stab myself (and my household is noisy) . The slightest change of lighting bothers me to extent where I would again stab myself . I was wondering of this is symptom of anxiety?

I do have motion sickness but this was different . I’ve looked it up and it says it can be caused by anxiety. When my family’s car when over a speed bump (which was like every five minutes )I would need to hold onto the seat . And when we turned a corner it was terrifying . It felt like a roller coaster . But a vomiting horrible , I won’t ever go on it again roller coaster. Normally to make me feel motion sickness (it has never felt as bad as this) in a car it takes me two hours but as soon as the car started moving I felt like I was standing on a small boat rocking back and forward . But roughly . I felt very single movement and I felt horrible .

Can someone help me , is any of this symptoms of anxiety or depression?

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3 Answers

a lot of people just assume that symptoms of anxiety is just that. feeling anxious. but there are a much larger amount of symptoms, and those are some of them. talking with others about it is incredibly important. talk with those capable of helping you, guiding you, and supporting you. no matter what it is that you have, symptom or otherwise, we need support.
If you want things to get better you should tell your parents or another trusted adult. Keeping this all inside you isn't going to make it go away. There are a lot of people out there who can help you :).
You cant be sure what causes those symptoms until you actually tell somebody. I've had a bit of experience with anxiety and I didn't want to tell my parents because I was too scared they wouldn't understand, in the end it go so bad that two years later I decided to let somebody know, believe it or not just the process of actually telling an adult helped and it lifted it off my back. If you can't tell your parents then school can actually be a huge support (thats what I did) or a trusted friend. Good luck :)