Anxiety or Just being Paranoid? Life.


So this happens at a really RARE and RANDOM MOMENT during the day, but, i get these moments where i start thinking about the purpose of life and i immediately start thinking life is short, and start panicking that there’s only this life and nothing more after death. So then i start shaking and crying and start thinking “Fuck, life is short….WTF am i gonna do?….im gonna die and thats it?!”

I don’t know if u guys understand what im trying to explain so i hope if any of you have ever experienced what i have. Also if u guys think any suggestions or nice comforting comments? Please and Thank you.

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Look at the flipside of this fear, and use it as motivation. Look at it as a push to move forward, make a bucket list, set goals, and even more importantly, don't accept failure unless you're accepting it to push you even farther. Obviously don't let it drag you down, but you get my point. Good luck my friend, I'm always here to talk.
I get the same feeling! It's awful! Like one of the worst things I go through! I take it you're an Atheist as well, then? When that happens to me... I stop to think about the important of it all. It's good to acknowledged that from time to time. But when the feeling becomes overwhelming, distract yourself! Go on the internet, help people on here, read a book, play a game, watch TV, ANYTHING. Acknowledge it, but don't dwell on it!
Some people actually suggest thinking what you described, as a motivation to face the fear of doing something. The answer to 'what am I going to do' is, what you are afraid of dealing with, avoiding, procrastinating, because life passes fast and one day on your death bed you might regret not getting that degree, not saying hi to that person, not taking that chance. Maybe you can take a moment to think what can you do to achieve something, or to take a small step towards something you want to achieve, and do that to feel better when it hits you. At the same time, try being the one who summons that feeling, when you need it.
Life isn't short, even only 60 years are a long time, plenty to have a nice life, if you pursue your goals.
As an atheist, when I think about these things, I just think about how much life I have left to live still. There is still SO much to do; there are many, many years left for you to have fun, live your dreams, create friendships, etc. You just have to learn to live more in the moment, and not dwell on the future. Hell, the future doesn't even exist yet. Who is it to tell you to be afraid? I'm sure your future will be amazing if you just live the way that brings you the most fulfillment and happiness in the long run.
i wudn't call myself an athesist but im not a religous person either. This has gone on since i was probably 13 years old, im not sure if thats normal either because even as a kid, i never really thought of how my life should be going or what to be doing because u just dont think those thoughts as a kid.