Anxiety help please


I have severe general anxiety and have been having a lot of problems with it. I recently got out of an emotionally abusive relationship and my minds been very weak. I’ve been having really bad attacks recently. It’s been affecting my sleep, social, and eating habits. I am physically feeling weak. I don’t enough money to go to a psychiatrist. Can I have some advice to help me get through this.

Category: Tags: asked March 21, 2015

1 Answer

First of all relax. I have been in your position before. Random anxiety attacks and people will take advantage of that. Now, do something that will improve your confidence. Seek help from self-help websites. Eg. Jad T jones and from youtube The good thing is you have noticed what is happening to you. Start from there. Take note of your weaknesses. Take note of your strengths also. Hang out with your close friends. Never go and hide in a closet. Fight. Fight now. it is never too late to turn around your life. Trust me. You can do it. It is all in your head. It is your mind trying to pull you down. Beat your mind. You can beat anything in the world. it takes time but patience pays off. Good Luck. God Bless you.