Anxiety Attacks/Panic Attacks?


So for years i’ve had this pain that was associated with anxiety. It was a pain in my chest that hurt really bad and usually radiated to my right arm and sometimes led to crying. I could usually control my outter appearance. Like you’d never know I was going through that. It’d just be a wave that lasted 3 seconds and I used to get it daily.

Then, once, I had a spiraling attack. My mind obsessed over negative thoughts and I had the chest/arm pain. I also started hyperventilating and had to calm myself before I could control my thought process/breathing.

I’m sure the second situation was a panic attack but what about the first one? Is that classified as a panic attack too? Are panic attacks on a spectrum, meaning some are small and others are hyperventilation-bad?

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1 Answer

Everything has a spectrum. There are normal, bad and worse of mostly everything. Hyperventilating whilst having a panic attack is very scary and it does take some time to calm yourself down from though as you did, it can be done. Well done on that!.