Anti-Psychotic Medication – Does anyone have any first hand experience?


I’m going to go to a doctor here in the near future and inquire about anti-psychotic medication. I’ve been doing some research on different medications, but I still would like to know some personal experiences. How long did it take to effect you? How did it work for your mental disorder? How did it effect you physically?

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This is abit of anti- psychotic medication to do with me. Well I I first started taking Olanzapine when I was hospitalize, I was on a high dose taking it 3 times a day. I became very hungry and sleepy, I gain a lot of weight. I was also taking other medications. When I got out of hospital, a month later my psychiatrist started to decreases my Olanzapine, I became very angry, more emotional and suicidal. Then I acted out and landed my ass back in hospital although this hospital was an adult ward. I got put on Seropuel high dose as well. I was also sleeping a lot and through out the day sometimes I couldn't keep my eyes open. after a few weeks of being on it I had uncontrollable shaking and twitching, I also had increased of appetite yet again. when I got out of hospital again I was changed to Aripiprazol and it didnt make me as tired as much but I became very stiff and started to walk like I had Parkinson. My psychiatrist is now taking me slowly of Aripiprazol and putting me on another anit-psychotic, Its different for everyone, people may get more sider effects then others.
Hello there! I've been on Citalopram since February 2014. It's mainly a drug to help with anxiety and depression. And I started with a dose of 10mg, got up to 20mg and eventually 30mg (which I still am on today). When I first started taking it, I felt like shit for about two weeks (which I was told is normal). I had a panic attacks, felt more suicidal than before and I was nauseous and dizzy quite a lot. However, this passed after about two weeks and I started to feel good (like properly good). But after a week or so that feeling stopped and I talked to my doctor to raise the dose up to 20mg (about 4 weeks after), which quite frankly didn't do anything for me. After another 3 or 4 weeks I talked to my doctor again and we raised my dose to 30mg. I still have depressed episodes and I still get sad and anxious, but it's no way as bad as it used to be before. I'd say that Citalopram alone won't fix you but it's helping you fix yourself. Before taking it, I had no energy to do anything - I just wanted to lie in bed and quite frankly die. But now, I'm quite active again, I do things, I can have fun. There are no physical disadvantages for me, except for the fact that now I get excruciating cramps when I'm on my period, but that's still more or less bearable most of the time and my doctor said that it's not shown in research so this might be just me reacting to it like that.