Am I wrong for not wanting my ex bf to talk to other girls romantically?


I broke up with him months ago & he came back to me. we’re talking again and he constantly flirts with me..i flirt back too but i also feel like he talks to other females…
I just feel like yes even though he’s single, if you’re dealing/showing interest with me you shouldn’t have a wandering eye. boyfriend or not. i rather have him pursue the other females instead of talking to me AND them. it’s not fair. I just feel like I require full and only attention. Him not giving me his full attention means he have other options…and I’m not an option or back up plan. Am I being silly about this?

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3 Answers

Well, in my opinion, as long as you guys are single, it shouldn't matter about who else he's talking to unless you guys are in an actual relationship. But, if it does bother you, then maybe you should just talk to him. It wouldn't hurt, and then you can find out the reason he's doing it.
I think it starts with deciding what you want. If you are considering getting back together, and want to ask him to be exclusive for a limited time while you two figure out what you want to do, you can ask that. He can accept or refuse, and you can react as you see fit.
If you aren't really considering getting back together, then yeah, it's not realistic to expect him to be available and to be single and celibate against his will.
What we tend to forget is that we females also have wandering eyes. It is natural for us human beings to do so, and it's actually quite hard to deal with. I would think on that and maybe talk to him.