am i wrong..


so im really sexually attacted to this boy, and wanted to ask him if he wanted to have sex. I know it seems kind of slutty. But we never really met but we went to school together for a year.But i seems like im setting him up bc when a girl asks a boy for sex it seems kind of wrong , like im plotting. I havent had sex in almost a year so maybe my harmones are just high

Tags: asked October 28, 2014

2 Answers

I think it's okay to ask him; at least gently at first. Subtly, if you will. Being blunt while asking may throw him off a bit, although it won't entirely ruin your chances. You are free to be attracted to whomever you want and be intimate with whomever you want, there's no one holding you back. Slutty? No. Just human with human needs.
you just can't go and tell him that , just ask him out for coffee first or something