Am i weird?


I want to die so badly, my life seems so worthless and whenever i am happy there is always a dark cloud above my head waiting to rain on my joy. I sit alone at 2am on my bed crying to myself because i don’t understand why i am alive, i’m a disappointment to my family and my peers. My mam and dad are on the verge of splitting up and i have no motivation. I self harm & i have anxiety. I am forever alone in a room full of people. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

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The way i see it, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You're just going through some tough time, is all! I will advise you to stay strong. Cos it's soon gonna end and standing tall and trying to stay steady through all these streams of agony is the best option.I see you feel like you're alone. Well, I am here for you!So are the other members! c:You need some support to make it through all. :) :) I am gladly gonna provide it ^_^
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you! And if there is something wrong, don't worry about it because it is perfectly human to be feeling the way you are feeling. When you say you have anxiety, I hope you haven't self diagnosed yourself with the disorder.
The best thing to do at a time like this is to get out of your head. Stop thinking about yourself and all the things that are hurting you and try to be present in the environment. Feel the presence of people and feel their energy. Observe the environment around you; are the people around you enjoying a meal or are the complaining about something? Is the tree beside you short or tall? And find someone at least to have a good conversation with. Be it online or at a coffee shop. At least say hi to someone! Or throw them a compliment. Also, don't think about what people will say about you.
Do something that you've never done before. Or just play music and just dance around without a dance routine.
At last I want you to know that getting out of a rough phase like this is always hard. Whether you get professional help or whether you don't. It needs effort from your side. Don't look for short cuts of any sort in any phase of your life. Short cuts to success, short cuts to make money, blah blah... they're all just made up in our head.
Get whatever is in your heart out by venting. Start a venting blog or post it here or talk about it with someone! You WILL find your way out even if you don't believe it. I understand it is very hard. And I must tell you it is very brave of you to reach out. During rough patches I know that sometimes we all contemplate death but don't get carried away.
You have support and you are not alone. Whether you have an anxiety disorder, whether you have suicidal tendencies, whether you have an eating disorder, whether you don't have a disorder, whether you feel alone, whether you feel nobody cares or not. You will never have to feel alone if you give yourself a chance not to. You are valuable but you probably don't know that yet. Take care love <3 Feel free to message me.
If you're weird, the whole world would be weird. Nothing is wrong with you, dear. You feel worthless, alone, and due your parents splitting up, maybe a bit stressed too? It seems like you're very depressed, and I'd advise you to connect more with people, even though that might be a hard thing to do. Try doing something you like, such as joining a sport club or just swimming in the pool/ at the beach. Do anything that makes you feel a bit happier. I understand perfectly how you feel, because I've felt the same way but I tried distracting myself from all these thoughts by doing more things, and it helped. There's nothing wrong with you, remember that please. You can always come talk to me if you need somebody.
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No your not weird babes...your just experiencing depression. I honestly understand that your parents are getting divorce and it's tearing you apart and to add to that your having school dilemma. Seriously nothing motivates you because you gave up...and when you give up everything becomes difficult and your stressful level increases rapidly.I am not a doctor but what I can say is have something to motivate you...something you wake up strive for. Additionally, be positive...people who are optimistic are more likely to achieve things more then a 'realistic' person. Thus be positive even when hardship knocks you hard...get up for surely hardship does not last because afterwards comes ease.So my darling be strong...have a dream and work for it...instead of being depressed...get up and solve your issues.WATCH THIS VIDEO: Smash Cut Rudyard Kipling "If" Video Poem... ALWAYS WATCH THAT VIDEO WHEN I AM UPSET OR FEEL LIKE GIVING UP :D-Good luck babes...hope you get well and don't feel like your alone...we have ALL suffered depression at least once in our lifetime.xx