Am I the only one with a family like this?


Hey I’m feeling really bad lately,
So it’s Christmas Eve and EVERYONE is off to see their families, meeting up and having fun. And that has been making me extremely sad :( because first of all..
All my moms side lives in Russia, I don’t even know my dads family and only a couple of people in my stepdads family.. So like I basically have nothing.
I can never relate to people who complain about their annoying little cousins, all I think of is: “I wish I had that”

And so this Christmas it’s only gonna be me and my mom :(
Since my stepdad is gone and my brother is traveling..
Am I seriously the only one like this?
I feel as if everyone is perfectly normal with their cousins and aunts living in the same country as them except for me…
I feel so lonely :(
I always need a lot of people and a lot of noise, a whole crowd partying and having fun but no I never get that…
I envy everyone in my town, literally.
But I mean before this I used to have a perfect Christmas with my mom, brother, and my stepdad but now that’s all gone and I feel like I’m gonna celebrate Christmas all alone in my whole future :/ I must deserve this Huh

Am I the only one who is like this? If you are to then can you please message me, or comment. I need someone who I can relate to for once :(

Category: asked December 24, 2014

3 Answers

You're not the only one. My family doesn't live far away, but I lost all contact with them. I spend Christmas with my father. So it's a lot like you, only you spend it with your mother. It doesn't mean that you'll be lonely every time. You can still spend the holidays with friends in the future. Someday you might even have a family of your own to spend the holidays with. Try to make the best out of it and to enjoy these days. Maybe you can do something with your mother, like baking cookies together.
You're not the only one. Ever since my family and i moved to another country, it's pretty much just been us 4. Most years my parents travel on christmas, so basically it's just my sister and I. But we still have a nice time! we bake cookies and and that stuff, you don't need the whole family to have a fun christmas. You should just try to make best of it all, and do something nice with your mom. My sister and I spend most christmas eve eating good food, and playing bord games.

You're actually quite lucky to have a parent be with you for Christmas. That doesn't mean though that your problem should be taken lightly. I know what you feel. Both of my parents are gone so basically I'm stuck spending Christmas with a few relatives that I don't even like. But since I'm very anti-social, it feels like I'm celebrating Christmas by myself.

You can try Skype-ing with friends or chatting them up so you can feel a little better. I'm avoiding contact altogether because I really feel lonely but I hope you can find your way back to a perfect Christmas by knowing what makes you happy and thinking of ways to get it. Achievable ways.

I watch my favorite TV shows and go on Tumblr to escape the pain. At least for this Christmas. Try doing that if you want. Going out of the house also helps. Message me if you want. We can share the sadness together lol. Good luck!