am i selfish


all i want is a person who cares about me and loves me. i don’t want a relationship with them, but i want to be loved and able to love others. i don’t want them to be jealous and i can be jealous all i want. i want them to love me and only me. its a tall order, but its how i feel.

Category: asked June 19, 2013

1 Answer

It's sort of selfish, yes. I understand that you can't help wanting something, but I doubt you'll find something like that. For a while, that was what my fiance wanted to. I was hopelessly in love with her and did my best to give her space (I was her best friend at the time, even though she knew I was in love with her.) I had to watch her fall in love with other people and do my best not to be jealous, but when I started to become interested in someone else, all hell broke loose. It was a miserable way to live and sometimes I just felt stuck. She finally came around and we're in a loving, trusting relationship and things are much better. Just keep in mind that a relationship like that would really mess with the other person.