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Am i scared of succeeding?


Most of my life iv;e always given up on things, not seen them through, u know. wether it b work, relationships, everything really.I always just kind of figured “thats the way i’m mad e”.But lately i’ve started to question if that is true. Iv’e always been a little overweight, not fat kind of “skinnyfat”, and have always tried exercise, but given up.Now i exercise regularly and am actually making progress,but now im thinking,”i’m not progressing fast enough”, ” it’s a waste of time”, all that stuff again. This has made me think of the bigger picture, it’s when there is progress that i want to give up. I know many people are scared of failure, i’m not, i guess i think failure is inevitable. my problems success,i think i;m afraid of it, and sabotage all efforts i make in life. Has anyone any experience of this ?, i’m sure i’m not unique lol. Thank u

Category: asked July 13, 2015

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What you have to understand really is that everyone is programmed either to be afraid of failing or succeeding, however it's more seen that it's the case of failure, because people often are afraid of putting in everything they can, and still not being able to satisfy or accomplish something. Seemingly being afraid of succeeding is a very unique train of thought, but I don't think that it should by any means try and stop you from living your life. Success is defined as "The accomplishment of an aim or purpose." From the description given you've already told us that you've lost some weight, which is amazing, and you should be proud, is evidence that you are by all means capable of it. You being afraid of success doesn't seem like the problem, it seems that time just so happens to trouble you, as you said that you'd like to lose weight faster.You need to remind yourself that time is a mental capability, something that you have the capacity to understand and control in your life. Losing weight or preforming a goal are not always the easiest of tasks to do. Understand that it takes time to do anything, big or small. The end is really what matters, if you're satisfied with what you've done and continue to live a great live because of it, then you've done something right, and thus have succeeded at it. If it was in general the fact of "wanting to give up" then all you need is motivation either from friends or family. Ask yourself if what you're going to do will benefit or harm you in anyway. If you decide to pursue it, then never do it alone, ask around for some others who have the same goals as you, they're probably thinking the same things that you are right now. "A long road with good company is long at all." It is always good to have close friends or family by your side when doing stuff like this.I hoped I helped in the slightest, my inbox is always open for a chat. Stay safe and keep succeeding =)
"A long road with good company is Not* long at all."