Am I picky?


I feel very picky about life. Boys really. Am I asexual? Okay listen.

I don’t have very high standards for boys. I don’t like sagging, smoking, drinking, people who fail at school and jerks. That’s it. But I hate when boys do anything remotely sexual with me. I get uncomfortable. Like, if I meet a boy for the first time and he’s trying to hold my hand like an hour later, I get turned off. I feel that boys go waaaayyyyy too fast. So I don’t want to date.

Also, sex freaks me out. I like cute romance, but not sex. At least, not hetero sex. I like yaoi (if you know what that is). Yaoi can… get me off… but nothing hetero can. Hetero sex scares me. Help?

asked March 12, 2015

2 Answers

I wouldn't say picky, you are probably just still figuring things out. Some people experience sexual attraction only after they know well, or get enamored with, a person. Some people only experience romantic attraction but not sexual. Some people like girls (and like male gay porn for the absence of PIV penetration). Some people are panicky about sex/intimacy and it takes the right person for them to feel like it's a real option. So take it easy, don't feel guilty or ashamed for not having figured things out already and for not wanting to do something you don't find comfortable doing, make your experiences along the way, get to know what you are attracted to and eventually you'll find what works for you.
there is nothing wrong what se ever with wanting your prince charming just need to make sure that if he comes along don't loose him. it doesn't mean that you are asexual at all, but you might be its just something you are going to have to figure out as you grow up. there is nothing wrong with being asexual though, so you don't need to be worried about it at all xxx