Am I overreacting to a situation involving my boyfriend of 5 years and this girl?


My boyfriend and I have been together for five year and we’re very serious. :) However, his best girl-friend in college introduced him to one of her friends. This girl she introduced him to is slutty, does drugs, drinks a ton, etc.
He followed this girl on all social media, and drove to Colorado, where she’s from, with his friends to go to a band live and she went along and they took a picture together and her arm was wrapped him.

Also, she wished him happy birthday and he commented “thanks bae. hahaha” and then his best friend commented “sounds like things are pretty serious between you two” (this was when we were on a break too SO EVEN MORE SUSPCIOUS URGH) then he followed her friends on instagram. He also liked pictures of her in a bikini that she posted on instagram.

ALSO, I texted him in june asking to makeup and then he didn’t reply to me and followed her on social media THE NEXT DAY & favorited her tweet.
He also liked her profile picture. She also likes pictures of him on Facebook. Two of his friends follow her on instagram and two of his friends are friends with her on Facebook.

He has Spotify and ALL he listens to is her music except for like 4 artists which he likes.
Now some time has passed since they first met in April it’s now January. She has a boyfriend she’s had since November. HE STILL LISTENS TO HER MUSIC ON SPOTIFY and LIKED HER INSTAGRAM PICTURE. Am I overreacting help me before I send an angry text message i’ve cried so much please.
Oh and when I say he liked her instagram picture, usually it’s just hers he likes for the ENTIRE day not even mine i’m furious help

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1 Answer

5 years is quite a while already. It's understandable that you're worried if you two took a break at some point. It's normal that he also hangs with other people, even other girls. This doesn't mean he'd be cheating on you or falling for her. If he likes her pictures, it doesn't have to mean something. Sometimes friends just like each other's pictures. If he listens to 'her' music that could be because he just likes the same music. They might share the same taste in music. Take a deep breath and relax. You're over-thinking this a bit too much. Don't search too much behind it. He's with you and she's with someone else. It's understandable to worry at times, but don't let those worries control you. I'd also recommend you don't always check up on everything he does. Most people don't like that, so he probably won't like it either. I know it's not easy to trust, but you have to let go a little bit. He's your boyfriend and you've been together quite a while, that's what counts. Don't search so much behind all of this.