Am I over thinking this


I’m debating if I should break up with my bf or not.. Lately everything he does pisses me off and when I see him I get angry for some reason and I really don’t know why.. I think I might be bipolar and I can tell that I’m drifting from him and he sees that and I don’t want to make him suffer because of my issues.. Would it be selfish if I stayed with him and make him suffer until I get help or should I break up and end the suffering and move on?

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If you still have feelings for him then maybe you should tell him how you are feeling lately. maybe you need a bit of space from him? try to hang out with other friends for a bit and clear your mind. Break ups doesn't mean forever, if you do decide to break up with him don't make it bad terms do it in person. i hope i helped :)
Would it be selfish if I stayed with him and make him suffer
You are forgetting something very obvious here. You are suffering too! Everything he does pisses you off and you get angry when you see him. Why do you want to suffer through more of that?
Part of the fun of dating is supposed to be finding someone that really, really makes you happy! Unless there is a deeper commitment that you have not told us about then there is no shame in ending a relationship that is not creating joy for either one of you.
Be honest with him, and true to yourself.
You also have the option of keeping a little distance while you work things out. This is one instance where it does not have to be one or the other.
you shouldn't be making him suffer if he see's your struggling and feel like have bipolar he should support and want to help you. Need to try and talk to him and explain what annoys you about him and see if things can get sorted if not then you've got to think about yourself and what is best for you to help and make you happy :)