Am I Needed?


Ever since 5th grade I have felt left out of everything. It’s like my friends don’t need me. An nobody listens to me. Not even family. I either get interrupted or just ignored.

Category: asked November 29, 2014

4 Answers

Everyone is needed by someone!
Not me, but someone.
Everyone is needed, it's just finding the place where you actually feel like you are needed. If you feel like your friends don't need you, try making some new ones. I'm not saying ditch your old ones completely, but finding someone who has some common ground with you always makes for a good conversation. I promise you, you are needed. Also as for your family, maybe sit down with them, tell them how you feel like they never listen to you and you feel left out. See how that goes. I'm always willing to make new friends so you can always message me if you need to :)
I completely understand how you feel, because I feel that way myself. I would recommend talking to someone & helping you with Self talk Self love exercises. All the best, my inbox is always open. Sending good vibes your way. xx
Everybody has at least one person who needs them, whether they have met them yet or not. You never know what is around the corner!