am i just a friend to him


Hi, im having a dilemma, i have a guy friend, he is closed with me, we always chat together since we studied in the same university, he always there when i need him, when i was sad, when i want to share my stories, the way his text seems like he have a crush on me. One day, we went out together and my friend joined us too, while he was driving, my friend who sat at the back told me that he will always took a glance at me when i was not talking to him, he cares for me. Everyone thought that both of us were husband and wife as they said we look like one. After that day, he became more romantic to me, he shared his stories about his ex to me and i felt calm whenever he was there beside me. Why does this happen?

Category: asked July 23, 2015

1 Answer

It sounds like you two have a good friendship. It is possible that he feels more for you. Time will tell.