Am I gonna get stalked now!?


Shit I’m so scared,
Okay so, me and my friend made a group chat on kik and invited people on Omegle to join,
And all of them had pics except for one guy but we just shook it off because it was really fun and we were hyper and stuff,
But the next day we started noticing this dude is really sketchy,
But at that time all of us have shared our names, ages and where we live..
He shared his too but I doubt it’s true.
So anyways, he kept asking for a picture of my face since I didn’t have a pic of myself and I kept saying no and I just sent him a random picture of my legs (not nude lol) and he was like
“Mm I like your legs” and it was so creepy :(
The next day he was like this to another girl who was in the chat..
We all had pics of each other except for that guy,
And then like the other night, only us 2 were awake and he started saying stuff like:

“I know you and your life”
“I will find you”
And I got so scared I was like about to die but then he said:
“Look out your window”
“I’m under your bed”

So I banned him from the chat and he hasn’t texted me since then..
I’m just so scared!!! Was he serious?
The guy had like grammar errors so does that mean he’s an uneducated pedo?
I’m like shitting my pants ;(((
Should I just delete this kik and make a new one?
I just made this one though because I had a dirty history on my old one and now on this I have some stalker pedo that sounds like a kid but I don’t know!
He said he’s 14 but I know that’s bullshit!!
Omg someone help!
I’m also scared because at school we watched some Danish TV show about some girl being stalked by a mysterious dude and he had like pictures of her on his wall and shiiiitttt I’m going to die!!!!
I turned off location services on my phone and everything…

Category: asked December 18, 2014

9 Answers

Probably just a loser being a creep. Take it as a learning experience not to trust everyone you meet on the internet.
You won't be stalked. People can't identify others with pictures of their legs because there is no such thing as "leg recognition". Maybe you should stop going on Omegle, since it's giving you issues.
Soooo you told complete strangers where you live? Thats not so smart. I mean if you said a country then alright thwy wont ever find you. If you said a city then well he probably wont find you either. If you said a village he could find you. And if you said a street he will probably find you, if hes looking for you. I do think that hes not looking for you at all. Hes just being creepy cause he thinks its fun probably. But you should tell your parents
I would tell a parent or a trusted adult about the messages and what he said. If he finds another way to communicate with you then you should definitely tell someone and get ahold of the police and they could track the divide down and find out who it is.
We only said our name, age and COUNTRY. But my country is pretty small with a population of 300-400k so that's why I'm concerned. I would NEVER tell them anything more than that, this is my stranger limit
And oops I put this in the wrong category, silly me o.o
Holly cow that is crazy...... Maybe he was just toying with you but better tell your parents or any other adults..just in case... anyway I can say that telling strangers/people in the internet about your whereabouts wasn't a very wise move. And sending pictures? Thats a big no no, girl..
your probably not getting stalked but just to be sure use a fake name and age
So what everyone is saying that I am going to get stalked and that im dumb as fuck, thanks..And the leg picture is just like half of my legs and I'm wearing sweatpants and slippers, the friend who I planned this with had sent him a pic of her bare legs. And the guy hasn't seen my face, But ok I'm stupid I better go die now before I get stalked -.-