Am I gonna get stalked now!? Part II


Update on my last question: “Am I gonna get stalked now!?”
Make sure you read that before this.

Ok so people seem to be misunderstanding stuff and I feel that I need to explain more. So here goes:

The pictures: I haven’t sent the guy pictures of my face, and the leg picture was like half of my legs, I was wearing sweatpants, slippers and socks. It was not a naked legs picture, besides, the friend I planned this with, she sent one like that (nude legs)
The guy has seen pictures of everyone in the group except for me and this other girl I met, we’ll he has only seen the half of her face.

His behavior: I’m not saying his behavior was completely pedo like, he was after all saying teenage words like “Yaaasss” and “Bae”, but that could be a trick (?). His grammar was bad, so that could mean he is either a kid or an uneducated pedophile. He can’t be from any other country because he said he was from america, unless he lied..And then he kept like “dying” from the chat because he’s busy or something, so when I sent a lot of pics of my life and stuff he might of missed out on that, unless he’s like me and feels the need to read everything I’ve been missing.

Information: All of us said the same amount of information! Our names, (first names only), age and country! And our height O.o (is that bad?) And the others had pictures of their faces on kik except for me and I never showed them my face! I don’t get why he wanted to scare me so much.. He said his information but we will never know if it’s true.

Another theory: So me and this girl in the chat started getting a bit paranoid about the guy so we started being really rude to him and stuff, so maybe that could be the reason he wanted to scare me. The girl had already gone to bed when he told me some creepy stuff in the group chat.

Evidence: Okay I swear I took a screenshot of the creepy things but it somehow disappeared! I’m getting paranoid because what if he like hacked my phone and deleted it? It can either be that or I didn’t take a screenshot after all. I can’t get the pic back because it isn’t even in “recently deleted” :/

I just wanted to have some fun ffs! This group chat was really fun and went on for 2 days until he scared the shit out of me!

PS: no the guy hasn’t texted me anymore since the incident. I snapped at him when he said that stuff. Should I be worried or relieved?

PS 2: I just googled his kik profile name and it turns out it’s just some names from assassins creed, what does that mean?
His username is after some company named Dvon (?)

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First: next time you want to create a chat group with strangers, do not tell everything of you. It's actually pretty stupid for me, especially in these apps/sites, because you never know who is the person that is writing. He could have fooled both of you just to have fun, and NO, he can't hack your phone without having it in his hands (actually, he could have been a woman as well). You're too much scared for nothing, he can't find you, he can't follow you at school, and he can't be under your bed (??). I disagree with telling your parents, do you know how many people he could have met in this site (if he really is into kids). Just for a chat group, he wouldn't follow a girl that he doesn't even know how she looks like. Maybe you'll learn from this experience how to maintain certain things for yourself before sharing such informations. I apologize if I was rude just now, but, please, if you want to have fun in these sites, at least be cautious. ;)
Yeah,I doubt he would be able to find you. However, You should probably tell a parent or someone you trust. He wouldn't have been able to hack your phone without having direct access to it (I think).
He wont find or stalk you so dont worry about it anymore
Don't post your life story completely to unknown strangers... Don't share social pics with strangers... And stop getting scared he hasn't hacked your phone.... Be alert