Am I going to get better?


The other night, I told my parents about my parents about my last year and a half of depression/self-harm. They were very grateful that I finally told them and I felt like I was on cloud 9 because of how happy I was, but the next day I felt the same as usual, same old depressed me. Aren’t I supposed to feel at least a little better after telling them? Then last night, I was on the anonymous chat as a listener. A venter came on and before I could even say “hi” they started saying things like “fucker” “asshole” “you should die already” things like that. They affected me greatly, even though I knew I was stupid for letting it get to me. So, I reported them and, at the time, I was home alone with my little brother. I tried to keep it together for him, but it got to a point where all of the horrible things were swirling around in my brain, nagging me, telling me to realize that this person was right. I laid on my bed and cried for a few minutes before the rest of my family walked in the door. I walked up to my sister and cried into her shoulder before explaining everything to her about my depression and what happened before they got home. I felt a bit better afterwards but today I woke up the same as before, but today I felt worse because I can’t shake the feeling that this person was right. For me the last year and a half, happiness has been like a high. I feel amazing as ever for a little while, but then depression comes back worse than before. I just don’t know if I am going to get better or if I will always be like this. Any suggestions?

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I'm glad that you told them. That was the right thing to do. Now, I'm sure you won't feel this way forever. It'll get better. For now, if possible, you should focus on getting treatment for your depression. Talk to your parents about that. If they were grateful that you told them about how you've been feeling, I'm sure they'll be understanding about getting you the help you need.