Am I developing a drug or drinking problem


Long story short im dealing with depression for the 2nd time in my life. I’ve dealt with depression for over 2 years from the ages of 15 to 18. Just recently things in my life have taken a turn for the worst. I feel so alone, betrayed, the emotions just go on and on. Im on anti deoressants but ive nevr found one that has worked for me, they just numb me out and i feel worse then before when they wear off. For the past month an a half or so I’ve been drinking a lot, taking a bit of acid, but recently I’ve been taking a lot of mdma as well. I know it’s not the best way to deal with my problems but its how I do it. Im confident that if it wasn’t for me drinking and taking drugs id be a lot more depressed.

So do you think I have a drinking or drug problem, is it normal for me to do this, am I developing one, and if so how can I stop it and take some better steps forward?

asked June 8, 2014

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The key here I think is not whether you are developing a drug and drinking problem but how to treat the source of your anxiety and depression. This is what is stemming the emotions that spurs you toward substance use. I think that instead of turning to these chemicals, you should try to find a counselor who can help you with redirecting your emotions toward a more constructive and positive outlook. When we feel more hopeful with life, it will be much easier to stop feeling dependency on external substances. Your emotional health matters so much here.
You have two addictions you need to adderss AND the underlying causes. Seek out the help of a doctor who will listen and not pers ribe pills to mask your problems. Address your problems and deal with them in a more fearless way, like head on. Deal with it and move past the problems. Or you could be hing behind the pill and booze for forever. Thats not the way life was ment to be lived. It was ment to be lived in its fullest. Good and bad . We all have good and bad stuff in our lives, if gou mask the bad you will never get past 8t. Get help now you deserve a great life
I've always said that if you ask a question about if you think you're an addict or forming addiction the answer is yes. It's time to make a change. Go back and see your doctor. Try another med. See a therapist. DO and BE productive in your life.
The part of your brain that control inhibitions can be swayed by alcohol. It is what makes people say that drinking makes them feel more confident. That may be why you feel like you would be more depressed without alcohol and antidepressants. However alcohol does nothing to change your chemical makeup which is the cause of depression. The combination of the two is extremely dangerous and could worsen your symptoms. Be careful, and I would suggest cutting the alcohol out entirely. It is important to see a doctor, and I would clear your system of any meds before starting a new one so they don't play off each other and influence the outcome of taking them. Good luck love
Hello, i think the problem here is, you need to know that you are using pills, drugs and alcohol to get over depression, they only force you to take more of them whenever you get depressed again and what happens eventually is that you will have to fight a battle with yourself when you are sober and will eventually feel depressed every time you are sober, as we know that is not good for you both physically and mentally. The best thing to do about this is to visit a trustworthy counselor who you can share your opinions and emotions with and he will only help to get you out of the wrong place you are in and heal you. Remember, you have the ability. Ability is to get back up when you fall down Ability is to believe when everything seems lost Ability is to stare into the eyes of fear and come out stronger because of it. For many, ability is never found, but for all, ability is within. Ability stares everyone in the face at one time or another For some,ability is lost by never trying. But remember, ability is within, ability is yours. Don't give up. you will make it :) God bless you :)
I hope you can read that, my key pad on my phone is jacked up, sorry
Thank you all. I definitely have a lot to think about now.