Am i being led on?


Ok, I’m talking to this girl that I works at this store down the street from me. I bought her a Christmas gift (being nice) gave it to her ask her did if she have a boyfriend and she just gave me her number. I called her and ask was she single and she said that she was talking to someone but they just a friend. Ok long story short, we dont talk for no more than 5 minutes because she always say let me call you back and dont do so. So Iong story short,

The next time when I got off the phone with her, I asked her what was she doing tomorrow she said im going over my… friends house (or they friends mothers house) because they mother is going to cook. Then a few minutes later, she said boy shut up to someone in the background, so I said and asked her, who was that your brother? She said, naw thats my sister.. What you think and say about that? Then I called her and I said wyd? She said about to go out with my friend, I her a girl in the background giggle and I just she (the girl im talking to) hunged up. Like.. Am I over exaggerating over her? Do you think she mean her male “friend” or what? What should I do? What you think about it?

Long story short the other night i had called her and asked was she busy and she said yeah, I knew that she wasnt because i heard like music in the background and the way she said yeah.

So i asked what time should i call her back she said i dont know? I said what about 10:30? She said ok.. I i didnt call her back until close to twelve.. No answer, So i texted her and i said if you want to talk to me because it seems like you dont you can text or better yet just call me.. so 2 in the morning she called i had my phone on silent, 2 minutes later

I got a voice message from her with nobody saying anything just music in the background and somebody getting in or out of a car.. I called her back tonight and said to her you know you can call me/text me sometimes you dont have to always wait until i call you, She told me like when you call and i dont answer you dont have to keep on calling i maybe busy with something you never know

its some more stuff going on with her… too
I tried to make that a long story short….
I never had a girlfriend before because i always get rejected, or have my feelings played with when i think i found someone who is interested in me for me here comes the relapse of me being hurt and let down again… Im tired of praying and waiting on GOD to do something ….

She told me from the jump that she doesnt want a relationship and that she was talking to someone but he’s just a friend. So when she told me that i told her yeah ok youre talking to me right now and until youre ready for a relationship lets get to know each other and when youre ready for one then we can just start a relationship and she said okay to it.

I mean like if she didnt have any interest in me none whatsoever then why give me her number then when i asked her if she had a boyfriend or not? I asked her her address she gave me one address then like the 2 weeks later i asked her again and she gave me another address.. Like there is no reason to like i just want to know so that i can know where should i come to pick you up for a date.

My intentions are good, She said to me after i asked her lets go out on her next off day she told me that its too cold right now lets wait until it warms up, But look… I asked her what did she do for new years she said i went out with my friend(s) so you mean to tell me that you can go out with your friends but not trying to go out with me?

I just have to get this stuff off of my chest… its more but yeah this is a long story short compared to what all that has happened.




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Yea, it sounds to me like she isn't really interested and you need to move on. You don't want to keep bothering someone who clearly isn't interested. Being alone is never fun for anyone, but you don't want to waste your energy on someone who doesn't appreciate it. :(
It seems like she's just toying with you. You deserve better than someone who just plays with your feelings. She's not worth your time. It's like she just sees you as her dog or something, which is wrong. Don't waste your time on her. She only seems to think about what she wants and doesn't take you into consideration at all.
move on, she a thot
I absolutely agree with TheAbsentMindedArtist, it is much better for you to move on. It is much harder to be on your own, but it's also much better for you to not have to be constantly chasing after someone who keeps giving you the short end of the stick. Starting relationships and getting to know people is wonderful, but once you feel that a person is not showing interest in you, it is alright to let it be. You will know when a person shows interest in you, and it will be mutual, because you'll both want to get to know each other. Give yourself a chance too. Best of luck!
Better question: Are you leading yourself on?
For the future, try to spend less time arguing in your head about "she said this, but I hear in the background...", you are overthinking things, and investing waaaay too much mental energy on a person who just isn't doing the same. Just concentrate on what she does: always busy? She's too busy-->look for someone else who is not as busy. Gave you her number but months have passed and no dating---> It's gone cold, pursue more people. It will be good for you so you don't spend a lot of time thinking about one person.
Don't push for addresses, people don't want you to know where they live until they trust you not to be a danger to them, and yes, they have to enforce this rule with everyone otherwise it won't work.