All the Spam?


Does anyone else think the amount of spam here is ridiculous? When I joined a year or two ago, it wasn’t nearly this much of a problem and now it’s everywhere. It’s completely taken over the Q&A section and it’s hard to fish through it to find people that really need help. I have been reporting it consistently but it seems the more I report it, the more it appears. Is there a way to report users? I have flagged some, but I don’t think that does much good.

Tags: asked August 22, 2015

5 Answers

I think the boards needs some better bot protection when signing up, it really is unreal right now. Flagging users seems to do jack all to be honest. I've even flagged legitimate users that are toxic to others on here (such as telling people to kill themselves) and they're still here. I can always report them to a mod though... the bots however... that's not going to fix anything because of how often they keep signing up.
I agree!!
I like it. This website now has like its own infomercials but instead of it happening at 3 in the morning, it happens every couple of hours, lol. Just like television!!
I wonder if they should get moderators from users on this site with the highest amount of Q&A points, so they know for sure that they'll be less likely to abuse their power due to the amount of contribution. Although I'm surprised there hasn't been a legion of bots up-voting their own posts to get them points.
Honestly, it's a nightly routine for me to surf the site and downvote, flag and report all the spam that I see. Honestly, I should be entitled to squash those nasty bugs so Blah Therapy if you could give me the power to extinguish any spam on the site that would be great!