Alcohol and Love


I have a drinking problem, and my fiancé will be leaving me if I can’t quit. I’m in a program, but I’ve relapsed. I truly love my fiancé and I want to keep her, does anyone have any advice on making sure I don’t relapse? Any assistance would save me.

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John Cheese, one of the senior writers at, is a recovering alcoholic and though Cracked is a comedy site, he has written some fantastic articles with practical insight to your very problem. The links are below:


You are doing the right thing by being in system. Relapses are part of the process. Do not forget to forgive yourself, and realize that it took time to become an alcoholic and it will take more time and effort to overcome it as the years roll by. Don't lose heart.

You deserve the same chance at pursuing your happiness as anyone else. Never let anyone or anything stifle your will to live happy. Most importantly, never forget that you matter, and you are not alone.
Congrats on making it to a program to get help.
BUT!!! you need to make sure not to hang around any places that sell alcohol,not even a cafe or go to lunch where temptation can hit you.Also stay away from people who are drinking and people who dont lift you up.
Try to see if your sweatheart will go with you to any meeting you may attend,or speak to a councilor with you,if you have one.May be she will see its not easy.
Regardless of what any one is trying to stop having in their bodies(it could be sugar) ,there will always be a step back before going forward again.
I wish you all the very best..