Again with Guy problems.


I really like this guy, and we went on a school trip and he was really nice and funny and close to me, and then when we came back we barely talked. I texted him twice, but he was kinda distant both times. He’s a year older than me, and we have different groups of friends. We’re both in our schools band and we just had a concert where we didn’t talk to each other. Does he think I’m really annoying/obnoxious? How do I approach him as friends without him thinking i’m a pest?

asked June 9, 2014

2 Answers

You might be over-thinking it. The guy could be busy with stuff, and your texts might be too generic to engage in a real conversation. You don't want to look too obsessed with him, so you might want to text him in a few days or try to casually see him in the coming week and be friendly or just smile, whatever normal people do. What kind of guy is he, by the way? His personality will influence your behavior and actions towards him, which is natural.
I say let it go, hes not worth your time. Guys do that sort of stupid stuff. Now that the trip is o er , he has no need for the closeness. My guess is on the trip he was bored and away from his usual group of friends and you were a fun fill in. Its a shame he can not be honest with you. But its good cor you that he has shown his true colors. You seem honest and genuine, very likeable , so dont waste time trying to buddy up to this guy, if he wanted to be your friend he would be. Best to let it go and enjoy the company of someone who wants to be with you . ..good luck and Keep safe out there.