Afraid of needles and have A lot of Appointments coming up…. help!


I have a severe phobia of hospitals/blood/needles/police. When I was little I was traumatized by a hospital experience. I pass out from anxiety when at the doctors/dentist. I have panic attacks when I see ambulances. And I do anything at all costs to avoid hospitals (taking the long way to work, walking on a different street, not watching much tv/many movies ect.) I have an IDD (common variable immunodeficiency disorder) and it requires some more immediate medical attention now. Each time I go to the doctors, my panic attacks get worse. I need a way I can slowly get used to hospitals again. When I go now, it feels like everyone there is trying to hurt me, hurt someone else. The lights seem too bright and I feel like as soon as I’m alone with the doctor, he’ll try to kill me. I know it sounds stupid but the fear is real. Please post suggestions? Thank you! I’ll try ANYTHING!

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You could try reconditioning, for example you could bring maybe a candy bar, your favorite, and just sit outside the hospital or across the street, not looking at it, maybe facing to the side and just practice breathing and reward yourself after a few minutes with your candy bar(or any other reward that brings instant gratification). This is a method used for many phobias to slowly make your body re associate the trigger with something good.
If the hospital is too much you can try it with an episode of a show like scrubs of house, or grey's anatomy which you can turn off if it gets too much. As you get used to each thing, take a tiny step up until you can visit a doctor comfortably.
Don't be discouraged, its a long but lasting method, and you can always talk to us if you are having trouble.