Advice on telling parents that your bisexual?


My parents are super supportive and are very aware of human rights and all that and I absolutely am grateful for that, I’m bisexual but I don’t know how to approach my parents because when we talk about sexuality they’d be surprised and I don’t want to go through awkward moments and my parents asking me a bunch of questions like, are you sure? All that

I know that they’d be okay with it and they’d support me 100%
But I don’t know how to approach them like any experience or any ways to tell them?

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5 Answers

Your parents sound welcoming and understanding. Sit down with them and tell them you have something important to say. Calmly explain to them that you're bisexual and after you explained, give them a window to ask you the questions that they might have. Everything will be fine, you don't need to worry.
I think that you should tell them. But only when you are ready, their acceptance doesn't matter until you have accepted yourself. I am bisexual as well but I'm in a situation where I can't come out. But if I could, I would just be really chill about it, like hey mum and dad I like both girls and boys but I like you two the most
I was in a situation pretty much just like this, i knew my parents would be supportive but it was till terrifying thought to come out to them because of all the horror stories I heard, but one day I was just kinda done being in the closet. I practiced a speech i wanted to tell them which of course went all out the window when I actually did, but I just went down stairs and sat next to them on the couch and told them i had something to tell them. I started out with my speech but then lost it all and ended up just telling them about how i felt about being pansexual, which is what i am, and how it was a part of me and that I'm not gonna change and that it was just something I wanted to let them know, they hugged me and said they loved me and that this didn't change how they thought of me and just made them even prouder to be my parents. It was a huge lift off my shoulders and I suggest you do it when ever your ready, just by bringing it up and explaining that you are who you are, they might have questions so give them a little while to ask them then lit it be a weight off your shoulders, I'm sure it will turn out great, hope my story helped in any way, but just remember that not everyones the same, your coming out will be different and their reactions will most likely be a little different but i'm sure it will be in the same ball house. don't be worried cause if they are excepting as you say they are I'm sure it will all work out great.
Sit them down, tell them that you just need suport right now. Then tell them that you are bisexual, don't say something like "I think I'm bi" just "I am bisexual"
Just when your redheaded and tell them. Slowly. Like. Start with hinting it and when They start catching on. On what you doing tell them. And. Tell them when your redy. And they should understand your you and that apart of who you are but try to avoid awkwardness. Because theey will start to feel awkward and then poof. But if you calmly tell them. They should understand. Hope I helped and good luck