Advice for a hopeful music education major?


I’ve given the possibility of becoming a music teacher a lot of thought, but I’ll be a senior in the fall, and my time is running out to make a decision. I’m honestly beginning to feel like I’m not good enough to make a career out of it.

Now, I’ve considered many back-up options too, but my dream job would be to become a high school music teacher. I’ve always loved music, but I don’t like the competition of performing, so I thought about music education, but I feel like I wouldn’t even get past the audition. I’ve been involved in concert choir, show choir, musical, and madrigal singers since my freshman year, but I still feel like I’m worth little compared to some of the other music enthusiasts in my school. If I’m not talented enough in the eyes of my current music teacher, then how am I supposed to stand out to a college?

Not to mention, my grades have definitely slipped since my freshman year. I used to be a straight-A student, but due to anxiety, depression, etc., I’ve slipped to a 3.2-3.4 range GPA.

I’m really starting to worry myself, and I need someone to help me make this decision. Should I go for it, or should I settle for something else?

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

With any major that you are going to try to go into there will always be competition. And especially with musicians it's kind of a given that you will need to perform and whatnot. If you have anxiety about performing and competition maybe look towards another major? But at the same time just know that you can always major in music. A friend of mine got a double major in music and biology and I mean he's in med school now but music was a big part of his life so he still has a degree in that. You can always major/ minor in it I would say major in education of sorts then minor in music since that seems the route you want to go in. Anyway best of luck, have a good one.