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So I’m going to get a tattoo, that isn’t up for discussion, don’t try and talk me out of the whole thing in your reply. What I want is advice about placement, colors and design.

As of right now I have the design of an infinity symbol with the word love written in it. But not like the ones on the internet. The word love goes straight through the part where the two halves intersect.

I don’t know what to do about color. Should i get it in plain black, or fancy it up a bit with color. My favorite color is royal Purple. Should I do that?

I am considering getting it either on the inside of my right ankle or the inside of my left wrist. (don’t suggest a different place there are emotional reasons that i want it to be one of these two). I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. Here are the things i’m considering.
I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but which of theses is more painful?
The ankle is easier to hide in the high probability i have a non-tolerant job.
My wrist is somewhere that i will see it more often (I want it somewhere highly visible to me).
I have joint problems in ankles and carpal tunnel in wrist.

If it is on my wrist i want to keep it relatively simple ad small, but I still feel like it needs something more.

If it is on my ankle i want to fancy it up a bit, and have it be a bit bigger.

The Emotional meaning behind this tattoo is to remind me to love myself and others, and not to be afraid to let others in for fear of being hurt.
with that in mind, if you have any suggestions, be they opinions, or websites that give good tattoo advice, i would love to hear them.

Category: asked July 16, 2015

1 Answer

The wrist isn't as painful but the ankle is easier to hide. Best of luck with whatever you decide.