Addictive Personality?


Was recently told that I have an Addictive Personality disorder, which I kind of shrugged off and thought “put it on my tab”. Does anyone know much about this or the effects it has? or maybe someone else has it as well. Really just looking for an outside opinion.

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2 Answers

Addictive personality 'disorder'? That's the first time I've ever heard of such a thing. They're really coming up with all sorts of ridiculous diagnosis' now aren't they? I call that a part of human personality, or a trait, not a disorder. It seems to me that 'modern medicine' is trying to take the color out of personality, with all the insane things they come up with nowadays. Just remember that it's not an actual 'disorder', and is a normal trait that some people have.
Well, Addictive Personality Disorder means that you are more prone to develop addictions... Eating disorders, gambling, even cell phone use etc. Unless either of those addictions are hamful to you it doesn't have an effect. It just means that you are more likely to get addicted to things, and any effects it has will be from the addictions themselves..