a parent at the end of the rope


i am a m man who went to court for 4-5 years to gain custody of my kids. i was granted custody of them from two different women. We live together for 7 years until we moved to another country. my daughter got angry and went to schol officials and told them i abused her., they arrested me and locked me up for 7 day with no outside contact. the kids mad upvicioud lies made it seem like they was never feed or they was always beat daily and repeatedliy. byt my son stay with his mothing over the xmas holifday and my daughter came backand stayed until june. no outdife of them getting me arrestted, and the the week i could not work andd emotionaal stress…i really hate my kids. i already told my son i dont ever want to see him again,,,,but i am hating my daughter because he and her mother every week come up with something elde to harress me with,

i am tired of it…..i need help

Category: asked July 10, 2015

2 Answers

Damn dude you sure don't sound like you need to be a parent. It seems to me that maybe you should just separate yourself from your children's life because any father that can tell his children that he doesn't want to see them again is just a big fat asshole anyway. My bitch mother was an asshole like you and I can't tell you how much better off mine and my brothers life got once she left. So do them a favor and leave them the fuck alone.
Caprisy, I don't think Annie here understood your problem. It is completely understandable why you feel that way. Is there any way you can sue your daughter and her mother for doing those things?