A huge decision. Need advice about university


Hi, I am 17, my last year of highschool is almost starting and I still do not know what to do next. I want to go to university but it is so hard to choose the graduation. My grades are very good, that is not even a problem. I am studying science and I really love it, specially in what takes to the human body, diseases, bacterias… However I think medicine is not for me, I am so nervous, insecure, sensitive; I could not live with that pressure and responsibility, I would feel guilty every time that someone died or got worst. I would not be ablle to do a sugery. So, lately I have been thinking about a course of biomedicine/biomedical sciences, however I feel like I am not well informed. The idea that I have is that I could do a lot of things including scientific investigation and I would love to! Then I could do a master’s degree in oncobiology and study the cancer, or neurosciences, that would be amazing. The problem is that, first, I am not good in practical activities (is it possible to improve it?), second, I do not know if there are many chances of being employed, if the salary is good… May someone help me?

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Do whatever you think deep down you will have more of a passion for. What interests you the most and you can see yourself in the future being in that profession. If you aren't sure, don't worry about going to university this year, you are young take the time to gain different experiences and away from your studies. Then maybe you'll find an interest in something you love. You seem interested in the human body have you ever thought about being a gp? instead of working in a hospital it would be less pressure and stress, but you will grow in confidence as the years go by, dont let nerves stand in your way of doing anything you want do. Because they will surpass. I am 19 years old and currently on my second gap year, applying to university again this year, so dont worry about quickly making a decision. Take all the time you need, because you can.
Thank you @lex300. You are answer was not what I expected but I had never hear about gasp year. I would like to talk more about that if you are available to explain me some points.
Wow, that is trying to think, way, way ahead. That's really hard to do. You can go around in circles for a long time and not get anywhere.However, the answer is very simple.Start by taking classes that you absolutely LOVE. The minute you do that, you will know the next step.Almost all the time when we don't know what to do, if we take that first small step that feels like the right direction, immediately after, we will know the step after that.So, the only thing you have to figure out right now is what sounds most fun, what inspires you the most, what lights you up inside -- then go in that direction. That is the right direction. You know it's the right direction because of the excitement, energy, enthusiasm. After that, as I said, the next step will be obvious.Have fun!