7 Proven Casino Strategies Beginning Gamblers Can Use


If you’re a beginning casino gambler, the odds are good that you don’t know the best games to play. And you probably don’t know the best way to play them. Casinos offer so many options that it’s challenging to know where to start.

In this article about seven proven casino strategies for beginning gamblers, you’re going to learn some simple ways to get started and quickly advance beyond beginning casino play.

It all starts with a simple decision that every casino gambler needs to make. After you make this decision, all you need to do is learn how to use some simple math.

1. Specialist or Generalist Casino Gambler
Casino gamblers usually fall into one of two groups. They either play one game all of the time or they play many different games. Casino gamblers almost all have something in common. Most casino gamblers are losing more money than they win. And this is true for both groups that I mentioned.

It’s possible to be a generalist casino games player, which means playing more than one game, and win. But this is the hard path. An easier path is to become a specialist.

This makes sense if you think about both options. Casino games are set up to make it difficult to win. This means you’re going to have to become a master at a game to have any realistic chance of winning.
The fastest way to master a casino game is to spend all of your time focusing on it. You still have to choose the right game. But when you divide your attention between two or more games, it’s going to take longer to master a game.

You’re going to learn what the best casino game option is before the end of this article. But the next thing you need to learn is how you can use some simple math to become a better casino gambler.

2. Use Simple Math
Most people don’t care much for math, and some people flat out hate using it. Casino gambling is based almost 100% on math. The combination of these two things is one of the main reasons why casinos are so profitable.

The most important thing you can do as a beginning casino gambler is to learn how to use a few simple mathematical principles. And the good news is that these principles aren’t hard to master, even if you don’t like math or don’t think that you’re good at it.
To get started, you need to learn what the return to player percentage and the house edge are, then learn how you can use these numbers when you gamble.

Every casino gambling activity has a return to player percentage and a house edge. These two numbers are related, and when you add them together, they always equal 100%. This means that if you have one number, you can quickly determine the other.

The return to player percentage is how much of the money you wager is returned to you. The house edge is the percentage of the money you wager that the casino keeps.

A game with a 97% return to player number has a house edge of 3%. You can quickly compare casino gambling activities using either return to player percentages or house edge. A casino game with a higher return to player (RTP for short) is usually better. And a casino game with a lower house edge is usually better.

3. Understand How to Predict Losses
The next step is to use either the return to player percentage or the house edge percentage to predict how much you’re going to lose when you play any casino game. This is easy with only a few pieces of information.

Here’s what you need:

Either the return to player percentage or the house edge percentage
The average size of your wagers
How many wagers you’re going to make
If you have the return to player percentage, subtract it from 100% to get the house edge percentage. If the return to player percentage is 99%, the house edge is 1%.

Multiply the house edge percentage times the average size of your wagers times the number of wagers you’re going to make. House edge percentage X average wager size X number of wagers = Expected loss amount.

You’re playing a blackjack game with a return to player of 99%. This makes the house edge 1%. Your average wager size is $25 and you play 50 hands every hour and play for 4 hours.
1% X $25 X 200 = $50

When you play in this situation, you can expect to lose close to $50. This is the average loss expectation based on a large number of hands. In a four-hour period, your actual results might be higher or lower.

4. Learn How to Find an Edge
The house edge is what makes casinos profitable. This is why all casino gambling activities have a mathematical edge.

Does this mean that you can’t win gambling in a casino?
Of course, because of short-term variance, some casino gamblers win sometimes. But very few of them have learned how to win in the long run.

They never learn how to find an edge. Sadly, there are only a few casino games that allow you to get an edge. The best one to play is covered in the last section in this article. Other than this, you should play casino games that have the highest return to player numbers.
5. Avoid Evil Casino Traps
Casinos are cranking out profits every minute that they’re open. You just learned the main reason why this is true, because they only offer games with a house edge. But this isn’t the only way that casinos make money.

Here’s a simple way to tell if something the casino is offering is making them money in some way. If the casino is offering it, the odds are quite high that they’ve figured out a way to make money from it. This includes free drinks and comps programs.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the comps and free drinks, but these are offered because it’s more profitable to offer them. Don’t play longer just because you’re trying to get more comps, and don’t drink so much that you stop making good decisions.

6. Use Strategy Shortcuts
Many casino games can be influenced sing strategy. In other words, if you play certain casino games, you can play them a certain way that changes the house edge.

You have to learn the best strategy for every casino game that you play. And there’s a simple shortcut that you can use.

You can get a strategy card that contains the best way to play most games that use strategy.
The most popular strategy cards are for blackjack and certain video poker app variations. Other games have a simpler strategy, so you don’t need a strategy card like craps and baccarat.

The important thing to understand is that you must learn if the casino game you’re playing has a strategy component and if it does, you have to learn how to use the best strategy. Learn everything about strategy for the casino game you choose so that you can always play with the best chance to win.

7. Play Blackjack
The best game to play as a casino gambler is blackjack. You can learn which rules are the best, and you can learn how to play with a high return to player percentage by using the proper strategy when you play.

This combination can push the return over 99.5%. But you don’t have to stop here. You can then learn more about counting cards. With counting, you can push the return over 100%. When you push the return over 100%, it means that you have an edge over the casino.
This is how you make money when you’re gambling in a casino. Spend some time becoming a master online blackjack player if you want to have a real chance to make a profit when you gamble in person.

It’s not hard to become a competent casino gambler quickly if you have the right information. But many casino gamblers spend years trying to figure out how to improve without using the right road map.

The seven proven casino gambling strategies listed in this article are the perfect road map for new and experienced gamblers alike. And it all starts with focusing on the right things.

When you learn how to use some simple math, your casino results are going to start improving right away. You can predict losses, find an edge, and avoid evil casino traps. And you can learn how to use some simple strategy shortcuts along the way.

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