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    ◆☆Oliver☆◆ posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    I feel bad.
    I moved all 6 states away to find my own happiness, to get away from my abusive family. And I was scared that I was going to hate it here, or that I’d become too homesick. But it’s been over 2 months and…I’m not. I don’t miss the town I was raised in. I don’t miss family or my old friends. I oddly enough don’t miss anyone.

    So when my mother tells me she has to go to therapy for her depression, and constantly tells me how depressed my best friend looks at work, or that my brother wishes I were home…I feel like a shitty person for not feeling the same.

    • Please don’t feel bad @xxbaybayxx, what truly matters is you and your families happiness Oliver, you are such a wonderful person who truly deserves to live in a place where you feel loved, supported and cared for, please don’t go back to your abusive family, they should treat you with dignity and respect Oliver, you deserve so much better, maybe you could visit your those you care about in your old town when you get time, always remember you are such a fantastic person who deserves to be treated right Oliver, stay upbeat and keep going forward with a sense of peace Oliver, you can do it, inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • @xxbaybayxx, I experienced the same thing when I went to costa rica. What you have to realize is that there is a limited amount of things you can do for them. In the end, always put yourself first. Don’t feel guilty for trying to climb out of the hole you’ve been trapped in. You need to take time for yourself, and you’ve done that. So don’t feel guilty because they’re trying to make you help them, because you need to focus on you. They can help themselves while you put your life together. The center of your life is you. Never forget that. It is OKAY to be a . little selfish from time to time! Inbox me if you need ANYTHING!