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    TJ Knight posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    @xcharlillyx feel free to message me anytime, I’m available to talk most days and I assure you, I am a very trustworthy person c:

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    • Cheers pal, I am currently busy writing a dissertation for college, but will throw you a line when I start procrastinating again haha, kind regards

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    Oli posted a new activity comment 6 years, 2 months ago

    In reply to: DuvetSister posted an update Hey. So I have woken up to another day that just feels like I am biding my time, doing ritual things like reading my book, bathing and trying to relax. And I’ve got work, but I don’t […] View

    I agree with @amethyst-is-in-da-house, do distract yourself @xcharlillyx, do things that make you happy, smile and positive, I’m sure everything will be OK and things will turn out well for you, you can do this, keep going and don’t give up, you are so strong and are never alone, you are a special person, you can do this, if you need to talk or…[Read more]