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    Amy Belle posted an update 8 years, 7 months ago

    Hey, guys! I’m back on! It’s been months since I’ve been on here…
    So in the past eight months, I got a boyfriend, my depression got worse, I had to go to Carrier Clinic (mental hospital) for a week, then High Focus (partial hospitalization), and then High Focus for IOP. I ended up missing a month and a half of school for that. My brother quit college, and he’s having an affair with my best friend. I’ve decided to become a cheerleader (I honestly don’t know why I have stooped so low) and my boyfriend and I broke up a couple days ago (and yes I’m still in pain even though I initiated it). I’m really trying to focus on myself and other things I like to do. Like, music and dance and spending time with my friends. I’m trying to keep myself as busy as I can this summer so I can forget about my ex. I’m taking tumbling classes for cheerleading and my best friend and I are going to a Patent Pending concert this weekend.

    Everyone, I’m so glad to be back on here! I’d really appreciate it if you have advice for the breakup and my brother and best friend’s affair. Feel free to message me or comment on here if you have questions, too!

    I love you all, muahh :*