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    I want to overdose but the mess I take will only get me high. Their for ADHD. Advil? Comment any suggestions

    Mood : Hurt
    • @whyamialive
      I can guarantee you that no one is going to give you advice on how to kill yourself. That’s not what BlahTherapy is for and not what the people who are on it do. We’re going to be there for you and listen to you, but we aren’t going to tell you how to successfully commit suicide. That’s just wrong.

      All the community here can offer you is a (virtual) shoulder to lean on and a metaphorical ear to listen. We *want* to help you, we all do. No one wants to see anyone suffering to such a degree. But the first step to healing is accepting that you need that support and assistance in the first place. But still, there’s only so much we as individuals here can do; we aren’t professionals, we help based off of our own experiences.

      The amount that you’re suffering is serious. Every day, multiple times a day, I see your posts begging for help and pleading for life to end. Looking for ways out. People oftentime try to help, and I’ve seen that help either go rejected or fought against.
      So personally, I think that it’s time for you to seek *professional* help. You need help from someone who is trained to help people in such low situations work through their problems. We as a community will continue to be there and continue to support you, but stooping to a level so low as to offer advice on how to kill oneself is never something I will offer, and I’m sure others would agree.

      We want to see you get better. But you also need to start taking the steps to make that happen, too.

    • You are right I do fight it because I don’t feel living is an option any more

    • Thank you for the support and I hpoe I haven’t wasted your time. Help someone who is not far beond helping. I feel i will never hit my worst my life is going down hill, like falling down a mountain, but with infinite Hight. I can cut and cut it away but it only gets worse. I’m sorry of you feel like you have done this for nothing, you have touched me in a positive way. I hope you are well and never give up like I have keep fighting to soo the light that’s at the end of your tunnel, but remember nobodies challenges are the same as yours. I don’t know how you wanna take this, a goodbye, advice, or just me being a coward. Which ever way you see it use it to make you better of a person. It odd how people only listen when the person who has been begging for help dies and that’s when people listen. I’m making the world better because how many more people have to die for the world to understand, and change their ways. Well of I’m gone then there’s one less person out there. I don’t know if you understand or if I make sence but I’m just trying to save others from borrowing it pup too long to were it begging to kill you like it has me, but far too long I cannot be helped because I have taught myself to avoid others ad not to let them in. Take this message as a lesson.