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    @invincible Ive tried basically everything I want you not to just say no I want a reason it seems suicides the only option now I’ve written my goodbyes to my family on a paper all I have left is to do the deed I’m broken and not wanted here so it’s my time to go and because of this I say good bye to everyone I have touched in life and I am sorry for everything I’ve done.

    Mood : Depressed
    • I responded to your message, check inbox. Things will be OK

    • The answer is I’m done trying nothing works I’ve been to countless councilors and a few different schools self harm was my escape but I’ve been forced to quit and I feel worse without that blade in my hand and I know that if I end it my pain will finally stop and maybe I’ll be able to see my uncle who has done it.

    • And I’m just soo fucking done I need to escape this world I need to not exist I know people care but they will eventually get over it everyone does so maybe I push everyone away from me then I won’t hurt others? I DON’T KNOW ):

    • Plz plz reply

    • @whyamialive, I’m here for you. I hear you. You are not alone. Inbox me if you need to chat, or if you simply need a friend.