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    Drastic posted an update 8 years, 10 months ago

    @wazzy hey man, please do the women on Blahtherapy a favor and stop hitting on them. I’ve heard you’ve been a creep on more than one occasion; especially to someone that I am close to. There are people here that actually want a listening ear, not someone trying to get at them. So please stop and thank you in advance.

    • Hahahaha…. You are such a moron…
      You don’t know what had happened.
      You are supporting because you are close to her.
      Anyways no talks. I am unfriending her. I don’t need low mentality friends with narrow minds.

    • I was being polite too. moron, huh? hmm, I do believe I’m quite intelligent. I saw the whole conversation dude. yeah, I do support her because I’m here friend; but you were totally out of line. wtf is wrong with you? It says you’re a business analyst… so analyze this message and do everyone on Blahtherapy a favor and delete your profile.…[Read more]

    • dude i could put you so on blast right now. did you not tell me that i wasn’t ”behaving” for you? then when i tell you i dont want to talk to you, you try to low blow me with personal information of mine? but hes the moron, right? lol, okay.

    • You guys are behaving like KIDS.
      I admint I am worng. I apologize for that.

      Please be cool… I am not so wrong.

      Whats wrong with you kids.

      Big SORRY to Blah therapy people too.

      I am here to have fun, make people laugh with me, socializing, learn, flirt, relax and whatever possbile.
      Unfortunate I have come across such shit…[Read more]