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Many challenges have come my way in this life; abruptly losing a father as a teen, being married at 18, having a child a year later, the unpleasant experience of a custody matters years after that, accomplishing a college education as a single father a few more years later, creating a business only to be taken advantage of by partner and loosing everything forced to file for bankruptcy.

I've endured hardship in many categories which has made me stronger, wiser, brought me to a much more compatible and harmonious path in life, value authenticity in people, cherish simplicity and most important – learn how to truly let go.

Amongst all of this and finding a middle way, perhaps I can offer an ounce of wisdom.

Lets talk about life or virtually “sit” (meditate)together reminded of the futility of so many of our thought forms.

I have knowledge in
Zen & Buddhism (practitioner)
NLP (conceptually)
Affirmations (practitioner)
Various niche facets of relationships

Experienced with

Careers, Education, General, Parenting, Relationships, Sexuality

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