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    Woke up from my nap feeling pretty stressed out related to my social anxiety. Wish I didn’t have this issue haha.

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    • What’s bothering you?

    • I struggle with social anxiety. Growing up I was never accepted. I was the subject of tons of bullying, ridicule and rejection. Now I’m in college, I have two close friends but neither go there. I want to be the guy who has lots of friends and experiences instead of seeing myself as an outcast and a loser. I just lose my confidence when I get to school, I want to talk to people around me but I don’t know what to say and I don’t want to be rejected again.

    • You can be the guy you want. Let your personality and talent shine, okay? Don’t mind about them. World wasn’t about retards and trolls ruining you. Don’t let them. Be the one you want. Just be yourself, talk and talk and talk. Well, like me. Haha Remember I’m always here. I’m telling you now, you are awesome and cool. *hugs*

    • Thank you very much, I very much appreciate it. It’s just when I’m in class, for example, my mind kind of goes blank and I get so nervous to say anything from fear of making a fool out of myself. But i do appreciate you being here. I will return the favor anytime. *Hugs*

    • No, You don’t need to. Anything. :) It’s my pleasure to help. :)

    • I know I don’t need to but I will :) any advice on being yourself?

    • It can be especially difficult talking to others after you’ve been put down so often early on in life. The things that we go through from childhood tend to resonate most strongly because those are the years where we’re developing. Keep in mind that even though you may feel pressured to talk, you don’t always have to say something. People don’t want to hurt you, at least not the people that are worth talking to. If you say hello and they don’t respond kindly, why would you care what they have to say in the first place? If they’re not capable of responding to a kind hello, which is all it takes to start a conversation, then they’re not worth your time. Don’t blame yourself. Just because you cannot speak to many people, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. You may just be more comfortable with a smaller group of friends which is completely okay. Fear is something we all face, and working through it is one of those times where we grow most. Don’t feel like you’re limited by your fears, they’re only barriers you put in place to protect yourself. Even though they may seem like home, you’re really just a bird in a nest. Eventually you’ll learn to fly, and when you do, you’ll go farther than you thought you ever could. Once you learn more about yourself and accept who you are, it’s easy to be comfortable around others. At least that’s from my experience.